purify&glow: how to make your own supereasy face mask

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

young barley grass is rich in amino acids which provide the body with vitamins and minerals to repair muscles, blood vessels and bones. there is a lot of vitamin A and C, magnesium, calcium and many other healing minerals.

an amazing thing about barley is, that it is not meant only to be eaten, but also used for your skin. does not it sounds great, that you actually apply on your skin (as the biggest organ we have!) only what you would eat yourself?

this mask is great for your skin as an autumn purifier and preparation for long and dry winter.


1 tsp. (heated) raw organic coconut oil

2 tsp. young barley

2 tsp. lemon juice

5 tsp. purified fresh water


one way is to heat up the coconut oil into a liquid and stir it with other ingredients.

the other way, i personally prefer more, is to mix all ingredients in one bowl and place it in the bigger bowl with hot water in it. with the second option you will warm up all ingredients, coconut oil melts and it feels even more relaxing and nourishing on your face.

you can create desired texture by adding more or less of barley, coconut oil, lemon or water. important rule is though - don't make it too thick! as young barley supports blood circulation, it could warm up your face too much. if your texture gets too thick, simply add more water or coconut oil if needed (but don't go too crazy with lemon either).


some women prefer to apply the mask with a soft brush, i love to do it with hands and feel the texture with my fingers. keep the mask around 20minutes on, until it dries.

in a meantime:

do the breathing exercise and meditation!

sit comfortably, take a deep breath in and slow breath out. focus on your face. relax your eyebrows, eyelids, eyes, nose, cheeks, jaws... start to feel how all the vitamins and minerals are penetrating your skin. sink into that moment of doing something beautiful and nourishing for yourself. take at least 20 long deep breaths: inhale through the point in between your eyebrows and exhale towards your beautiful face. feel the energy spreading all over, keeping your skin soft and cared. feel grounded.

last deep breath: inhale thru the point in between your eyebrows, exhale towards your face, but let that glow spread all over your body. feel that lightness and love towards your skin and body.

to remove:

use warm water and face cloth (i really recommend to buy reusable make up remover pads!) to remove the mask, using gentle upward strokes. my experience is that there is even no need to apply after cream as the skin is beautifully soft and taken care of.

feel&enjoy the glow!



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