rituals: how to celebrate spring solstice (video)

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

have you ever created your own rituals for you and women around to celebrate coming spring? read below and watch the short video to get inspired!

short ritual on a first spring day can help you to slowly close the long, dark and cold winter and bring some new energy into your life. it is a beautiful way how to celebrete the sun, fertility, abundance and yourself!

try one of these:

1. Wear your favorite skirt or dress 2. Light a sage and clean your house 3. Write your wish or intention on a ribbon than wrap it around fresh flower 4. Dance, play instruments & use voice (no experience needed, allow your intuition guide you) 5. Bless some seeds as potential of life 6. Say any womb prayer to connect with your place life creation 7. Create your own decoration on a candle and light it, spreading new fresh energy inside out.


Music: Inspire Musician: ASHUTOSH URL:

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