about me

master degree in psychology


since i was a child, i always wanted to know more about humans minds and 'how it all works'. great start for that was 5 years of studying my desired field - psychology. i have learnt a lot, but i was always missing something - body! where is the body in all this? sitting and talking didn't satisfiy the picture about my future work.

dance&movement therapy


to fill the missing part on my psychology studies, i was looking for further education in alternative work. my neverdeadpassion for dance showed me the best direction - studies in dance&movement therapy. this opened my heart and mind widely - i knew immeditaly that classic clinical psychology will never be my path. i felt in love with my body and its perfection. i started to understand its power to get through the mind into very deep self. unfrotunatelly i could not finish the studies due to moving to different country, but my big passion stayed. i am sure i am getting back on track with this field in the near future. for now, i will be sharing some of the techniques in courses and classes you can find on this page.

200h ytt, india


i have to be honest with you - before i left to india for my very first teacher training, i haven't done much yoga in my life. almost none. actually when i took my first yoga class couple years back, i didn't like it at all! but i still felt this huge call for me to travel to india. without any information, without knowing anyone else who ever been to india, without not even knowing the program of training. i just felt i have to go, so i did. 
this time in ashram changed my life, inside out. it touched my very deep self, i started to hear that very little voice of my heart, i understood that yoga is not about matching clothes nor legs behind head. it is a journey to union. journey to yourself. so much wisdom. i fall for yoga with my whole heart and fully invited it into my life.

100hr ytt, hormone yoga therapy for women, uk


comination of psychology and dance&movement therapy studies  brought me an opportunity to write a thesis with there: "chosen techniques of dance&movement therapy for infertile women". while searching for alternative methods how to help women with those difficulties, i found out about hormone yoga therapy. i knew that was something made for my journey. without any hesitation, in couple of weeks i was already passing the exam in UK. this technique, and ability to teach it, changed my life - and so did for many other women all over the world. Personally I have taught this sequence around 300 women with amazing results - healing hypoactive thyroid, getting pregnant, decreasing the level of menopausal issues, healing PMS and many toher.

level 1, 2 & dynamic thai yoga massage therapy, belgium

2018 - 2021

i was always searching for holistic approach, the space where all my passions and alternative healing teachings can meet all in one. with thai yoga massage therapy studies it seemed like a perfect match - yoga, individual approach & therapy, movement, healing, listening, being. i simply felt in love with this holistic practice. i also realized at this moment, that i have to forget many things i actually studied at university - all this analyzing clients, giving them advices and diagnosis.. all of that seemed like a wrong point of view. in thai yoga massages, we only listen. purely from our hands as an extension of our hearts. it is a practice of non-judgment, loving kindness and compassion, presence, attention & intention. all within a safe space ready for you to let go and be yourself.  

500h ytt, nepal


my second teacher training i have decided to spent in beloved nepal, the country which has the special place deep in my heart. i feel very honored to be able to study more in depth - diving into the magic of yin yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga. this training gave me much bigger overview and ability to share this wisdom further.

floor manager & yoga teacher @yogaground Rotterdam


i am very blessed to get the opportunity to become a part of the yogaground team. teaching several yoga styles here (yin yoga, yin&yang yoga,

bikram yoga, power core yoga, hot core yoga). i have learned and grew a lot in here, as a teacher and person. besides teaching, my main responsibility is to help our studio and students to grow by taking over event calendars, co-organising teachers' auditions, coaching and keeping operations smooth. it is a great pleasure, thank you!

SOMAbreath master instructor


as i am always looking for new information and ways how to deepen mine and my student's practice, i have started another master studies, this time all about breath. SOMAbreath is not only pranayama techniques, it is holistic approach to one's wellbeing and happiness. this studies allow me to theraputically focus on either groups or individual sessions, where i will guide through beautiful journey, where you are able to dissatach from your ego for a bit and experience that beautiful blissful and ecstatic sensation of your ture self.

purnaspirit.com created&published


i am very proud of this project being created and published, as it made my dream come true. in here i can share my passion beside teaching regular classes in studio. i am very dedicated to develop this website and connection with all the women who feel the call to join me of my journey of discovering and falling in love with being a woman.

and staying on track!

till now

for many years my dream is to have my own practice where i can offer my clients different tools for divers issues and struggles to guide them on their journey. but my heart is calling the most for connection with women in loving and accepting way. this all keeps me strongly motivated to study most of my time in many related directions. and it makes me the most happy to be able to share all this with you!