the circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that
carry us when we're weak and
sing with us when we're strong .

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third list below will offer you individual guidance, which is for now possible only live stream. the biggest value is, that these sessions are tailored specially for you. you can choose the theme of the session or we will flow along with your needs. you can choose single class or packages.

in this section you will find different single live stream sessions&classes as women's circle, meditations, or repetition class of hormone yoga therapy. great about those life stream sessions is, that we will all connect at the same time and day, we can interact and i can guide you more personally.

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on the second list you can search for live stream courses as hormone yoga therapy. this course will take place on certain date and time. advantage of this course is, that we will meet face to face, you can ask any questions and guidance is more personal.

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