the journey of a woman is an internal
process of understanding, reconnection &
allowance to express her diversity
without any judgement.

when choosing the right course or class,
take a little moment and feel if the theme resonates with you.
let your intuition guide you on your journey.
i will meet you there along.

online courses

in this section you will find the whole thematic channels with several videos included.
once you choose and purchase the course, you will have an unlimited access to all videos and materials.
enjoy these courses in your own pace and whenever you desire.


hormone yoga therapy

female hormones - estrogen and progesterone - have a huge impact on woman’s health. our hormones are responsible for regular period, smooth menopause, thyroid activity, our mood, good sleep, vitality, creativity, sexual libido and much more.

HYT is a natural treatment helping us to prevent or reduce several symptoms experienced mostly during menstruation - menopause - pregnancy.

hormone yoga therapy involves a series of 14 detailed yoga exercises that stimulate and massage ovaries, adrenals, thyroid, parathyroid and pituitary gland. it naturally increases the production of hormones in those glands and eliminates most of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

in this course you will learn the whole sequence in detail, home study is necessary. afterwards you are able to practice anytime, anywhere! you will have this golden technique for the rest of your life. 


lunar yoga

lunar yoga offers you four different practices aligned with four moon phases (new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter). each phase brings us different levels of energy, mood and insights. learn how to use these stages in your best interest, when and how to plan for the future project, how to make your dreams come true, when it is best time to cleanse and let go and when to rest. we will work with intention, affirmations and differently phased practices.


28 days yoga for your cycle

this course is designed specifically for your different needs during the 28 days cycle - to share key information and help you understand more about your body.
let me guide you through soft practices as pranaymas (breathing exercises), asanas (body postures), mudras (hand positions), affirmations (tools for work with mind), meditations, yoga nidras & visualizations - all focused on hormonal system activation, mood balancing, cycle honoring, 
you will learn what we can and should practice in different stages of the month, how to connect with your body and honor the beauty of your cycle.


SOMAbreath awakening journey

our breath is our essence, reminding us about present moment - the only moment where we really exist. breath is your ticket to the inner world, to discover who you really are. in these sessions you will learn how to breathe less to live more. in every video we we focus on different themes as stress&anxiety relieve, sexual energy, work with intentions, how to live your life with more gratitude and much more. this journey is very special and is done with music and rhythm, which will give you one of the most amazing breath experiences you ever had. 

use videos for one-time experience or practice with them daily to observe deeper results.

online classes

here you can browse single related classes. this is a good choice if you do not want to commit to the whole courses or subscriptions.
you can choose to buy or rent (48 hours) these classes and replay them aws many time as you wish.
so, which theme fits your mood the best today?


hormone yoga therapy repetition class (60min)

this longer video of hormone yoga therapy sequence will be great for you if you have just finished the course and still need to go through the details like basic techniques or counting your breaths. it will also give you great benefits if you took some break from practicing and are not sure anymore how the sequence goes. i am here to remind you everything you need to kick off with the practice again.


hormone yoga therapy repetition class (30min)

this class is for you if you have already attended the whole course of hormone yoga therapy. this video will be beneficial for you in case you remember and practiced all the details, but just need a little guidance with right order or final relaxation. let's make our hormones happy again!


osho dynamic meditation

in this session, let me take you on journey of meditation in movement. you will flow through 5 different stages – chaotical breathing, emotional catharsis, kundalini awakening, witnessing in the stillness and celebration. this is great opportunity to let go of overwhelming thoughts, stucked emotions or any other heaviness. The whole meditation takes around one hour and is made with music.


zoom sessions

let's connect live! click below to explore all live stream options. these sessions have always set date&time with the great value of really meeting each other! those sessions always feel more personal and there is a safe space for you to come with any questions and share your thoughts.
you can join all your favorite live stream sessions from any device where you install simple application zoom.


live stream sessions

choose from different classes&courses as women's circle, meditations, hormone yoga therapy course, private sessions and much more!